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Housekeeping & Bedbug Combo $49.99 Special


Do you have HUD properties?

Tenants learn what is expected during a housekeeping inspection.  They are educated on housekeeping and bedbug awareness.    

These Videos meet Fair Housing Requirements.

Video Orientation with Text helps people with hearing disabilities have program access.

Video Orientation with Voice Over helps people with visual impairments have access.

Everyone gets the same message.

A must have for all landlords.  Call (815) 942-6198 Ext #901

Housekeeping Video


Helps with HUD Compliance.

Combo Videos


Public Housing Authority & Section 8 Landlords educating Residents on Bed Bugs.

Lease Briefing Video


We turn your Lease into a ADA Compliant Video. For Public Housing, Section 8 and all Landlords.  HUD Compliance is so important.    ...  cost $900.00 (call for quote, 15 pages)


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For All Landlords


Lease Briefing Videos

Customized Voice-Over Video for Public Housing & Section 8 Landlords.  Housing Videos will help tenants pass inspections for their apartments.

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Fire Safety

 Highrise Fire Safety 


Customized to Your Property

These videos help with HUD Compliance.

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